Victory Forge Military Academy is the same as Southeastern Military Academy

In December 2009, Weierman decided to change the name for Victory Forge to Southeastern Military Academy. Nothing about the school has changed, except the name. Even their website is the same (save for a new URL).

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

David Weierman

One individual, the son of Alan and Molly Weierman, has also been accused of abusing the students at Victory Forge. We are in the process of finding out additional information on both David and Jonathan Weierman. If you happen to have any information, please send it to us.
The picture above shows David with his son, Seth.
Now here is a question for you David -
How would you feel if someone physically and mentally abused that sweet little child that you have?
How would you feel if someone molested him and everybody looked the other way?
Well that is what you and your folks at VF have been accused of doing.

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Anonymous said...

This dude is as ugly as his old man (and just a obese)