Victory Forge Military Academy is the same as Southeastern Military Academy

In December 2009, Weierman decided to change the name for Victory Forge to Southeastern Military Academy. Nothing about the school has changed, except the name. Even their website is the same (save for a new URL).

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Another alternative, which is very cost effective is to use a parent support group in your area. There are a lot of support groups which provide classes, tips and other suggestions to help out your teen. This is a great place to start and will also help provide you with ideas.

Counselors sent us a list of some of the support groups they were familiar with. We wanted to compile a list, but we noted that such a list has already been compiled by Parenting Teens. In some cases, a few states are still missing and we will try and complete the list on that site.

To find a support group in your area, click here.

If you have additional questions, please forward them to us and we will send it out to our counselors.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Alternative 1

We will be posting a list of alternatives to the miserable boot camp, known as Victory Forge. We will then be providing a brief write-up on some of them.

The one alternative that has garnered rave reviews for the counselors who we have been talking to, is run by a foundation called "The Starr Foundation". They run several schools in Michigan and Ohio which are part of the Starr Commonwealth. We ran a brief query of news story on this organization and it appears that local government officials and MI and OH senators visit these locations frequently to get a first hand look at the potential. President Elect Obama has also stated his admiration for this place. We talked to some of the people running this program and they are professional, grounded and have NO past history of run-ins with the authority. Now that is a refreshing change. We also had a parent visit one of the locations and they reported back to us that the grounds were beautiful and looked like something out of a well manicured golf course. The housing is first rate and the children are not placed into a tiny little house. They have the opportunity to be free but disciplined and guided. A stark contrast to the little house on Biltmore crammed with children.

For more information, go to the Starr Commonwealth website. You can see pictures of the place and get a good idea of what a place for troubled teen should look like.

If you have information on this or other schools, please send them our way.

Laughing all the way to the bank

Our sources have informed us that Alan and his wife have been stating that the best thing to happen to them was that the DCF started investigating their school. This forced the parents to remove the children.

To see why these Weierman's have been so happy, consider the math. Assume there were 20 children in school right before the DCF started their investigations. Each of then paid, at a minimum $28,600. Let's assume for the sake for brevity (Alan, that means being brief - try it sometime!), that the average time that these students spent at Victory Forge was 6 months. Meaning that they had 6 months left. Do the math - the Weierman's pocketed about $200,000 of unearned income - this is money that was prepaid by the parents that was not used on the children. So what happened to this cash? Only the Weierman's know and they are not telling.

My guess is that it was not used for school purposes. Looking into the money trail to see where that may lead us as well. Alan, you can run but you cannot hide. If Bernie Madoff can be caught, you are a petty little wannabe compared to him.

Anybody have any ideas on what Alan and Molly did with all this cash?? Any guesses?