Victory Forge Military Academy is the same as Southeastern Military Academy

In December 2009, Weierman decided to change the name for Victory Forge to Southeastern Military Academy. Nothing about the school has changed, except the name. Even their website is the same (save for a new URL).

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Another alternative, which is very cost effective is to use a parent support group in your area. There are a lot of support groups which provide classes, tips and other suggestions to help out your teen. This is a great place to start and will also help provide you with ideas.

Counselors sent us a list of some of the support groups they were familiar with. We wanted to compile a list, but we noted that such a list has already been compiled by Parenting Teens. In some cases, a few states are still missing and we will try and complete the list on that site.

To find a support group in your area, click here.

If you have additional questions, please forward them to us and we will send it out to our counselors.


Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog with great interest. At the risk of sounding like a marketer, I urge your readers to look at Aspen Ranch, which is a lot more affordabe than it looks.

Aspen Ranch is a Utah-based residential treatment center for teens, and SUWS of the Carolinas , a North Carolina-based outdoor therapy program. It has been featured on the syndicated “Dr. Phil” show. Both are therapeutic programs of Aspen Education Group, the nation’s leading provider of educational opportunities that improve the quality of life for under-achieving children, young adults and their families. Dr. Phil featured video clips from both facilities, as well as an interview with the student’s mother.

Anonymous said...

questions for your counselors: How are you any more qualified than VF? What are your qualifications before I submit my questions. Also can you tell me why when I post my questions do not appear . . . Where is the other half of this blog for parents who are pleased with the outcome of their sons. I have some things to say about THAT.

VF Parents said...

The counselors we are talking to are follows:
1. University professor who publishes research on teen behavior and society
2. Behavioral psychologist practicing in New York
3. Two counselors who work at community organizations supporting teens and abandoned children.

The qualifications of these individuals surpass those of people running VF. The assumption here is the those running VF have any sort of qualification. Read an older post on this very subject.