Victory Forge Military Academy is the same as Southeastern Military Academy

In December 2009, Weierman decided to change the name for Victory Forge to Southeastern Military Academy. Nothing about the school has changed, except the name. Even their website is the same (save for a new URL).

Saturday, July 25, 2009

School is not accredited

So, while most others may be enjoying a nice and relaxing summer, ours is really hectic and we have been spending less time on the blog than we would like to. For all those who are sending us emails and comments, please continue to do so. Once the summer ends, we will have more time to dedicate to this blog and will continue exposing Victory Forge for the fraud it is.

In the meantime, all parents who believe that they children are getting an education at this place, realize that according to the Florida Department of Education, this school is not accredited. What this really means is that if your child happens to finish the 12th grade here, he would have completed high school from VF. Then if he were to go to college, he would have to provide transcripts and diplomas proving that he finished high school. A lot of colleges will not accept diplomas or transcripts from schools which are not accredited. The colleges do this because they are a lot of scams out there (no, really??) where people will state that they have completed high school in a place like VF, which is not really a high school. So in other words, since VF does not educate children according to an approved curriculum, the college will assume that you child did not complete high school.

If you children are not planning on going to college, this is still important as most jobs ask where they graduated from (including the armed forces). If the high school shows up as not accredited, the employer has the right to ask for more information or assume that the person applying for the job did not finish high school.

Something to think about especially if you think your $28K (tuition fees paid to Victory Forge) is tuition which includes a high school education.


Anonymous said...

Not posting comments, eh? As I said before a homeschool is not required to be "accredited" - I have homeschooled plenty of my own children. The military does accept homeschooled children now. The children at VF receive report cards that are accepted in each state they are from. You might check these thing you wrote with homeschool lawyers and it may be prudent for you to correct this article.

VF Parents said...

Pretty sure you are affiliated with VF. The fact is that VF claims to be accredited, when they are not. Also, I know for a fact that a home schooled kid does not have a chance at a competititve college compared to one from an accredited institution. Finally, talked to an army recruiter lately? I just did and they tell me that if a person claims to be home schooled, their records will have to be sent somewhere in NJ to get a waiver. Once that is obtained (sometimes takes 2 months), they may start the process. But in all reality, since there are more people entering the army now than perviously, this person from a home school will not have a good chance.

So please let's not call name and make accusations. You folks at VF have done that already and people can see through it.

Anonymous said...

I know a kid that went to VF, the best they offered him was a GED test that he crammed for and never recieved. When a child transfers from one district to another they take placement tests to determine their academic level.

Example, I work for an international company, a family transfered from the UK to the US, their children who were still in high school in the UK tested two years ahead and were graduated from one of the toughest school districts in the US.

I know kids that are home schooled, I don't think they have a problem, they take the SAT which is a placement test determining their abilities to go to school. The Military also has their requirments and I haven't asked about their homeschool requirements since my children go to public school.

As for the young man I know, VF ruined his life, when he transfered to public school he tested more than 2 years BEHIND his peers. And we can't even begin to describe the emotional damage done to him from the years that his parents sent him there. He was never a problem or a bad kid, he is loved by all who know him outside of his parents who will definately go to that special reserved section in hell.

Regardless, academically with or with out accredidation VF or what ever it is this week, does not provide it's residents/captives with appropriate academics. All they produce is a bunch of head cases with limited academic abilities. They are enabling idiot parents in the destruction of children's futures